I’ve signed up with my adviser, but I’m not sure how to get started?

Once your Financial Adviser has signed you up, you will receive an activation/invitation email from Legado. This email will contain a link which will bring you to the Legado website to finish the sign-up process. During the on-boarding process, you will be asked to designate the level of access you wish to grant your Financial Adviser and to enable two-factor authentication (Security section for more information).

When completed, you will see your home dashboard. This gives you an overview of all your libraries of documents and information. We recommend adding any documents or information that is immediately available to you.

You can also ask your Financial Adviser to help you with the upload process, to help ensure you are ready for any life events.

Once you have decided how you would like to upload your documents and information to the different parts of your Legado account, we suggest adding at least one other Nominee. Your Legado account becomes even more valuable when your trusted advisers and loved ones have access to your important information.