I'm struggling a little setting up the Authenticator app. Can you help me?

We have enhanced our two-factor authentication through feedback to make it easier for our users.  We still recommend using an authenticator app but you can choose to authenticate using SMS (text).  You should be offered the choice next time you log in.  If you choose to use the authenticator app:

  • You will need a laptop or tablet from which you step through the process and a separate mobile device, e.g. smartphone, onto which you can download the authenticator app
  • When you come to download an authenticator app to your mobile device you can use any of the main ones; Microsoft Authenticator, Google Authenticator or Lastpass Authenticator each work.
  • You set up your account using the camera on your mobile device to scan an image on your laptop or tablet.  This saves you having to enter a long code to the app.
  • Once the account is created you will see a six-figure code that recycles every 30 seconds.  It is this that you enter as the Verification Code.
  • The recovery codes are useful as backup if you lose your mobile device. If you don't have paper to print them you can still hit print then choose the option to save as a PDF.
  • At the end of registration you will be asked if you want to add documents now and share with others.  You can always skip this and come back later.
  • Next time you login why not try doing so on your mobile device. You can use our snap and shoot feature to upload documents.

If you are already using the app and you would like to change to authentication by SMS then you can do so from your account section, accessed by the cog at the top right.