How Does After-Death Sharing Work?

A Primary user designates an existing nominee as an After-Death sharer.  After they are gone anyone can inform Legado of the event, though typically this will be the Nominee that has been designated as an after-death sharer (by the Primary user).  We require robust information to validate, such as the sight of a death certificate or being informed by a professional like a Solicitor.  Once validated we activate After-Death Sharing.  This has the following results:

  • We send a message to the Client's email address stating the process has started and giving 48 hours to come back in case there has been any error.  After that time,
  • We stop the Client's access in the reasonable belief that anyone accessing the Vault with their credentials is doing so in breach.
  • We turn access by all other roles into read-only so that no changes can be made to the Vault and it remains as a snapshot at the point we were informed of the event.  We inform professionals linked to the account of the event.
  • We send an email to those individuals designated as After-Death sharers that we have been informed of the event and that they have been given a higher degree of access to the vault in line with the Client's wishes.