Who has access to my Legado account?

No-one employed by Legado, or any third-party, has access to your data unless you specifically give them access.  The only information visible to us is your First Name, Last Name, Email Address and the status of your account - these so we can help you with any problems registering.  Some of the actions and events you perform, e.g. add nominee or complete a form are also available as high-level stats but not any of the content.

The usual mechanism for you to receive your Legado account is through a professional advisor, eg IFA, Solicitor or Accountant.  They will talk to you about the benefits of the account and will send you an invite to join.  This advisor introducing you will, at the start, have access to view and upload files to your account, and it is likely to be beneficial to you for them to continue to have that access.  However, during your onboarding journey, and at any time after, you can change the level of access they have, through the normal mechanism for managing nominee access.

Other individuals having access to your account are all Nominees.  If they are not the advisor who introduced you they will only be able to view and download forms/files, not edit or upload.  They are also only given access to the folders you want them to access, through managing their access.