Published: 27 May 2021 Closing Date: 10th July 2021 Location: UK based / Remote

At a certain point in our lives, we will likely feel overwhelmed by information.  We get bank statements, phone bills, council tax bills, pension statements, credit card statements, phone bills, wills, life insurance, home insurance, car insurance, pet health insurance, and there is no central place to store all of these documents.  Then, when we want to do something big - when we are buying a house, changing a will, getting married, switching jobs - we need to get a seemingly random set of documents together, put them in some sort of order, and share them - with banks, business partners, love partners, solicitors, or employers.  Gathering and sending these documents can be a organisational pain, and if our application is rejected or we hear back that they just need “one more document”, it can be head-meets-wall frustrating.  

In other words, life is complicated.  

We want to make it simpler.  

Legado exists to help people prepare for big life moments - to collect all of the information that you have that is floating around and put it in one easy-to-access, completely organised place, with as little work on your part as possible.  We then wrap bank-grade security around it - imagine suddenly having a Swiss bank vault for your documents.  Then, when you actually need it, we make it incredibly easy to share it with anyone who has an email address, so that you can take the time you would have spent trying to remember your pension account password from the employer you had three years ago just to get the last 24 months of statements for a financial advisor and…well, do whatever you want with that time.  

And now, we’re looking for a  Designer to join our growing team - not just to make our product beautiful, but to help us discover the right product. 

We are Legado, and we are still a startup.  We are funded, and we are raising another round as the very moment these words are being typed.  Our team is tiny, and growing.  Because it is tiny, we are looking for someone who wants to get heavily involved, and who wants to push the boundaries of their own experience.  In other words, you should have design skills for the core product, but you will also be working on the website and even helping us put together better sales and investment presentations.  You will be working closely with the senior product manager to create specifications, but also with the devs and testers to make sure that the work is done correctly.  And you will be looking at how design impacts OKRs, and constantly looking to improve metrics.  You should be eager to learn, to grow, to take on new challenges, because right now it seems like every day we are inventing new, ludicrously exciting challenges to take on.  This is an amazing opportunity for someone with experience of - and a passion for - designing a meaningful product that will really help end-users at all stages of life.  

The things you will do: 

  • Interaction and visual design: The table-stakes - we need someone who has design skills, and can use them to improve our app, our website, co-branded and white-labeled sites, external communications, etc.  (You will have an opportunity to improve virtually everything that we do.)  
  • Product Discovery: collaborate with the product and delivery teams to figure out how the product can be improved.  Dig into data and come out with new ideas!  We want someone who doesn’t just take requirements from the product team and design from those specs - we want someone who proposes changes themselves.  
  • Holistic User Experience: we will improve the overall user experience, as well as look for ways to make it stickier and more useful to people; thus, you will need to have a mind toward creating a user experience that really hooks people and motivates them to take action.  
  • Prototyping and User Testing: you and Product will be putting prototypes in front of actual users to find out what they think.  Often.  Our ideas are always potentially fallible, so we want to validate them and learn where we are going wrong before we commit dev resource!  As a team, we know that we are committed to solving problems - not to pushing specific possible solutions.  

Qualities we are looking for: 

  • We want someone who can work with our growing team to create products for our end users and corporate clients.  
  • You should be able to look with a critical eye at our customer experience and work with the team to propose and implement changes.  
  • You will be a key member of a caring and honest team in our friendly and collaborative work environment.  We care about you as an individual, and are looking for real team players who will care about us, too.  
  • We want people with a start-up mindset – you should be flexible, creative, interested in new things, and want to give value-for-money.  
  • You should have an exceptional attention to detail.  We aim to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks; it is critical to taking care of all the key stakeholders in Legado, and, most importantly, our amazing users and customers.  
  • You should be yearning to have a sense of ownership of any problems that arise, whether it is from your own work or the work of the team. You should never hesitate to jump in, roll your sleeves up and fix things. 
  • The user experience is critically important, so we are looking for people who can get enthusiastic about providing the most lovable user experience possible, all the time.  
  • And again, we are a very lean startup, with a team staffed with a motley crew of internationals (and we really value diversity!).  You should be excited about joining us, moving fast, occasionally breaking things (and putting them back together again), being inspired, going from good to great, and working to change the world for the better. 

What’s in it for you:

  • Competitive salary and generous employee equity participation scheme.  
  • 32 days of annual leave (which includes public holidays). 
  • Work life balance - we’re a small team and understand sometimes you need a day off here and there. 
  • Collect extra time off: Gain an extra day of holiday for every year of service.
  • Hot Day! -  Extra day off when the temperature hits 22 celsius or above at our Edinburgh headquarters!
  • Office kombucha, cookies, biscotti, muffins, and other baked goods, provided by our Product team (as time and his child-care duties allow).  
  • A chance to make a meaningful contribution to people's lives and deaths, whilst joining a super exciting, high-growth technology start-up 
  • An amazing experience.  We work hard.  We are focused.  We are constantly improving - individually, as a team, and as a company.  You will learn.  You will grow.  You will have opportunities that will astound you.  Your skills, abilities, and network will grow exponentially.  You will get the chance to try on different hats and determine if you want your career to take a new direction.  If we IPO, you get to be a part of that.  If we burn through all of our cash and implode at the end of our runway, you will rise out of the ashes as a phoenix - a gorgeous, highly-skilled phoenix, with a portfolio that your peers can only dream of.  

Want to learn more about Legado and our product? 

Watch our animated explainers

Check out our media centre. 

What Next?

If you think you might want to join our band of brothers and a sister, we can’t wait to hear from you. If you’re not sure that you exactly fit the above criteria, get in touch anyway.  Personality and attitude can be just as important as experience, and we love a good talk!  Please email us at with your CV and we'll be in touch.